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About Automac

Founded in 2009, AUTOMAC has built an impeccable reputation for specializing in solutions for the automation industry, from engineered systems to standard components. Our service is known for its reliability to provide innovative alternatives to traditional connection methods, using our vast experience, strong technical and engineering skills. In order to survive in the increasingly competitive market, we adopt management philosophies of continuous productivity and quality improvement.


Our company’s vision through our current and former customers is characterized into three main categories: quality, innovation in solutions and most importantly credibility, so that we can be a role model for rivals companies


Access the customer’s goal by working in three axes in parallel: attention to quality, raising the efficiency of the team and finally having good technical support and after-sales services in order to reach maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Creative Team

Abdallah Badr

Mohamed Essam

Mohamed Srour

Ashraf Arafa