Optical Character Recognition / Verification (OCR/OCV) System

OCR Camera Features ● Ability to read challenges printed data. ● Ability to read on different surfaces such as carton, labels, bottles… etc.. ● Learn and read any printed font. ● Auto-tune capability. ● Reading multiple lines. ● High speed up to 300 item/min. Software features: ● Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. ● […]

Pharmacode inspection System

Our System installed on many several packaging machines in pharmaceutical field. 1- Cartooning machines: Detection and Reading of Pharmacode on leaflet up, leaflet down and carton for Cartooning machines like (IWKA, IMA, CAM and Uhlmann). 2- GUK machines: Detection and reading of Pharmacode on folding Leaflet machine Offline and online GUK. 3- Blister machines: Detection and […]


Industrial Automation Systems SIMATIC Consistent and efficient – The scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family ensures an optimal solution for every application area. Take advantage of the system’s end-to-end consistency: Together with integrated engineering in the TIA Portal, it will help you substantially reduce your costs and time to market.


AVEVA has a long history and unbeatable track record in delivering SCADA software solutions to organizations large and small. We offer a winning strategy for meeting complex and evolving automation requirements, as well as solutions for more straightforward operations. It’s almost impossible to predict your long-term technology requirements in this era of constant innovation and […]