Tablet Inspection System

The vision system used for inspection of tablets & capsules on various forming material used on a blister packaging line, capable of handling different products at high speed up to 300 inspection/min.

Examination Criteria:

● Missing Tablets.                                                        ● Black Spots.

● Size Variation.                                                            ● Color Variation.

● Missing Caps.                                                             ● Broken Tablets.

● Capsule Mix Up.                                                        ● Surface Defects.

Software features:

● Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

● Audit trail.

● Security access levels (multiple users).

● Batche document.

● Recipes (create and load).

● Rejection and shift register.

● Easy Backup and Restore.

● Integrated PLC functions for the rejection without additional devices.

● Friendly user interface.

● System come with full package of documentations includes drawings, manuals and IQ and OQ.